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ok here it is

i hope this works...

Name: Marianne
Age: 16 (sophomore)
Gender: female
Location:edmonds, wa
Sexual Preference: guys
2 guys/girls in Band's you'd do: ummm ok this is embarrassing... joel from Good Charlotte and shit i dono anyone whos hot if i was forced to
10 Bands you love: weezer, old greenday, the cranberries, marcy playground, sublime, the presidents, sixpence none the richer, beatles (who doesnt), reel big fish, rancid!!!
5 bands you just fucking hate: good charlotte, simple plan, journey, nickelback,
Your All-Time favorite Movie: baseketball
4 Movies that sucked:the crocodile hunter: collision course, you got served, the cat in the hat, and its a tie between "its pat" and wild wild west.
Political Party: depends
Drugs?: nah
Sex Before Marriage?: nah i wanna save myself for the rite guy
Cutting?: hell no i think its for pussys
Tell Me why I am Beautiful:
Tell us all a joke:umm i cant think of any lemmec...
Brian: Oh my god. They ate Tricia Takanawa.
Peter: Why? They're just gonna get hungry again in an hour.
One word: Butt-pirate!! (thats like 2 words but i joined them together)
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