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hey guys!

1. I love bolding
2. I know someone named Mimi
3. I hate my old best friend
4. My favorite alcoholic drink is Jack n Cokeone of them
5. I have a digital camera
6. I'm talking to at least one person online
7. I like watching college basketball
8. I have never moved
9. I have at least one cat
10. I have at least one dog
11. I'm going to see a movie tonight
12. I make my own AIM icons
13. I'm in pain
14. I watch more than five shows a day
15. I love the Cure
16. My parents like some of the same music I do
17. I have never been to the dentist
18. I listen to the radio
19. I do my own laundry
20. I've made at least one article of clothing
21. I have/want something on my face pierced
22. I go to at least one concert a weekfor the past couple of weeks
23. I've written a storyfor la class
24. I've dyed my hair every color of the rainbow just about
25. I own a Grand Theft Auto game
26. My favorite pattern is camoflauge
27. I know someone who does/did cocainethat’s me!
28. I have too many game systems
29. I love scary movies
30. I hate scary movies
31. I've had sex more than 5 times
32. My favorite chips are Lays Original
33. I think butter is unhealthy
34. I hate the Osbournes
35. I used to have dreadlocks
36. I need to take medicine for something but i don't
37. I suffer from insomnia
38. I speak ebonics
39. I've gambled
40. And wonI smoked tis kid named Mikey at strip poker on the back of a bus coming home form camp
41. I have at least one gay friend
42. I like going to pet stores
43. I own a dog toy
44. And I don't have a dog
45. I own more than ten candles
46. I've smoked a cigarette in the shower before
47. I've flunked a class
48. I listen to music every day
49. I have more than one nickname
50. I wear pajamas
51. I'm wearing more than one jewelry item
52. I haven't washed my hair in a week
53. I watch the Grammy's every year
54. Along with the Macy's Parade
55. My favorite season is winter
56. I have seen the All American Rejects live
57. And I've enjoyed itwhy would you be hating on Tyson Ritter?
58. Boobs are nothing special
59. I go swimming at least once a week in summer.
60. I have a pool.
61. I've gone skinny dipping
62. I've played strip poker
63. And lost
64. I want a nautical star tattoo
65. My cell phone turns off when it's charging
66. And it pisses me off
67. I used to buy my entire wardrobe from Hot Topic
68. I've been to albinoblacksheep.com
69. My favorite subject is History
70. And/or math
71. I am a republican
72. I am a democrat
73. I listen to the Useduber-bold this one b/c I’m proud of it
74. I have been to the Warped Tour
75. I am part Mexican2%, thank you James Gomez
76. I am part German
77. All of my grandparents are still alive
78. I believe in anarchy
79. I love bowling
80. I know that there is a South Park, Colorado
81. I love Dairy Queen
82. Sometimes I think I'm crazy
83. I own a Moffatts CD
84. I own a Backstreet Boys CD
85. I want plastic surgery
86. Operation, operation, snip and tie, snip and tie
87. I know what song that line is from
88. I have killed something
89. I've never had a Nokia cell phone
90. I'm never sarcastic
91. Light eyes turn me on
92. I have never been to a foreign country
93. I don't eat enough
94. I own illegal weaponry
95. I know someone who has overdosed on something
96. And lived to tell about it
97. I don't own a pair of mittens
98. I love the heat
99. I've never had a steady boyfriend/gf
100. I want to makeout
2. I still love the song Dragostea Din Tei
3. I used to like New Kids on the Block
4. The 80s was funnytechnically the grammar there should be the 80’s were funny
5. I have realtones enabled on my cellular phone.
6. Public bathrooms scare me
7. I have keys on my belt
8. I'm not wearing a belt
9. I hate writing
10. I hate reading
11. I love compilation CDs
12. My favorite teachers have all been guys
13. I think Bad Religion's only been around for ten or so years
14. I don't know who Bad Religion is.
15. I don't wear my hood unless it's raining.
16. I enjoy smaller clubs rather than big ones
17. I've put a song on repeat for more than 8 hours just a cd
18. I have sound on my computer
19. Someone wants my hineyI hope so???
20. My mom loves Elvis
21. I have my own computer
22. I live on the east coast
23. My favorite animal is a kangaroo
24. I'm on vacation
25. I don't own a pair of ripped jeans
26. I am very insecure
27. I love to dance
28. I curse way too muchI have a mouth like a sailor
29. I choose the pansy way and star out my curse words
30. I feel dumb because I was just called a pansy
31. I have a flatscreen computer
32. I collect something
33. I'm married
34. I won't date someone who's smaller than me
35. Brass knuckles are the shit.
36. I own a hand puppet
37. I write with blue pens
38. I wear eye makeup almost every day
39. I wish I lived somewhere other than here
40. I don't own a band shirt
41. I love techno.
42. I have my nipples pierced
43. I'm shitty at wrapping presents
44. I know someone in the KKK
45. I'm racist/anti-semitist
46. I don't know what those mean
47. I love life
48. I have posters all over my room
49. I've never been a camera whore with someone
50. I'm halfway done maybe
51. I wish I lived in the 80s
52. I know what the term borgie means
53. I'm interested in social hierarchy
54. I love music videos
55. I have a DVD player
56. I'm drunk right now
57. I'm listening to music
58. I have a big screen TV
59. I have an STD
60. I know the singer of the Clash's nameMick Jones, is it bad that I know that?
61. The only IM program I have is AIM
62. I skateboard regularly
63. I live on the north side of town
64. I have been to Alaska
65. I've worn a cowboy hat
66. I watch late night infomercials for retarded, unnecessary things
68. That last question was dumb
69. I know what the word "peligroso" means in English
70. I speak another language fluently
71. I've been in a limo
72. I own a bong
73. My lungs hurtbecause im sick
74. I know someone who's committed suicide
75. I've got a six pack and I don't need you
76. I know what band sung the above line
77. I like strong boys
78. I'm sick right now
79. I know someone who's currently enlisted in the army
80. I do not own a color phoneold shitty phones represent!
81. My birthday is in September
82. I hate mall cops
83. I hate most cops in general
84. I'm wearing blush
85. I live in an apartmentnot for too much longer 
86. I'm still in highschool
87. I own something from Victoria's Secret
88. I don't know a boy that wears girls pants
89. I've had the same best friend since I was 8
90. Brownies are my favorite
91. So is cake
92. I've heard the song "Looks Good in Leather"
93. I own some sort of propaganda, fake or real
94. I deny the Holocaust happened
95. Kisses are my favorite sign of affection
96. I need to charge my phone
97. My purse could pass for a suitcase
98. I take birth control
99. I only buy what's fashionable
100. Roaches freak me outno, but the future does!
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