I often touch myself (accidentsecks) wrote in emoplaythings,
I often touch myself

Juwanna Mann

Name: Caity
Age: 16
Gender: lady
Location: Msla, MT
Sexual Preference: Bi
2 guys/girls in Band's you'd do: Jeph Howard and Branden Steineckert
10 Bands you love: The Used, Thursday, The Early November, Nor Am I, Scally Wagon, Bright Eyes, Flashlight Brown, Fenix Tx, Thrice, Brand New
5 bands you just fucking hate: .. anything rap
Your All-Time favorite Movie: Too Many, but if I could choose only one, I guess it'd be Little Nemo
4 Movies that sucked: White Noise, the Grudge, napolian dynomite, house of 1000 corpses
Political Party: (don't hate me) Repub...
Drugs?: Not for me
Sex Before Marriage?: I don't think virginity is anything special. If you wait until you're married, and then your husband is a bad lay. Sucks to be you. .. . Well. Yeah. Who knows. Whatever you want. I see no problem with it.
Cutting?: Well, I'm not proud of myself, but I do. And its a super bad habit. So it sucks. But you can't critisize some one for something like that.
Tell Me why I am Beautiful: I absolutely LOVE your eyes! (=
Me w/ Bert McCracken!
Tell us all a joke: There were 2 muffins in an oven, and one muffin says to the other "Man, It's getting hot in here!" and the other muffin says "AHH! ITS A TALKING MUFFIN!"
One word: Excellent
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