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Juwanna Mann

Name: Jen
Age: 13
Gender: female
Location: Florida
Sexual Preference: Straight
2 guys/girls in Band's you'd do: quinn allman, and tyson ritter
10 Bands you love:
the used
taking back sunday
hawthorne heights
brand new
death cab for cutie
all american rejects
from autumn to ashes
three days grace
matchbook romance

5 bands you just fucking hate:
coheed and cambria (not exactly the music, more his voice)
good charlotte
simple plan

Your All-Time favorite Movie: edward scissorhands
4 Movies that sucked:
scary movie3
bring it on again

Political Party: democrat

Drugs?: well, drugs as in medicine, we need those, drugs like weed, and cigarettes, those are gross, they are very unhealthy nad addictive, and they are really bad for you, but its not like i would anything against someone if they used them.

Sex Before Marriage?: i think its fine, as long as you know you love and trust the person you are doing it with, and its protected

Cutting?: i used to cut, and i stopped cause i realized how stupid i was for doing it. i really think there are other ways to relieve stress and frustration. you should really try talking before resorting to this. but one thing i really hate, is when people cut to show off and be 'cool'. its something that happens because your depressed, so really i'm against it.

Tell Me why I am Beautiful: cause you are pretty, you like good music, and your hair is wicked, and so are your glasses =)
Me w/ Bert McCracken!

Tell us all a joke:umm, im not funny, BUT, i'll try.
Wanna hear a dirty joke? Two white horses fell in the mud.

... i know, im pitiful

One word: hi

At least 1 picture that we can see your face: sorry, i hope this doesn't matter, i dont have a cameras =\

Promote us to a friend (show the link):
(i promoted on my old username, i just switched it today)
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